Andy's Sausages

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Andy’s Sausages is a dynamic, family run, medium size meat processing plant specializing in pork processing.

We produce a great variety of European style sausages, hams, loins, wieners, pâtés and other meat products.

We are successful in keeping up with the demanding consumer markets, being very competitively priced and maintaining highest standards of production at the same time. Our mission is variety, small batches, not mass production.

As a wholesaler we supply our products to deli stores and BBQ sausage vendors in Toronto and other areas of the GTA. .

Andy's Sausages

Quality sausage making has been a tradition in our family for generations, originally in Poland and since 1991 in Canada. 2011 marked our 20th successful year on the market. Our products are based on traditional recipes WITHOUT artificial colours, fillers or liquid smoke. Our fresh meat is supplied daily from Ontario’s and Quebec’s federally inspected abattoirs.
  • We are licensed and inspected by Ontario Ministry of Agriculture (OMAFRA) and have received high scores in regularly performed audits. Top-quality standards of production and cleaning, modern and clean meat plant and small group of dedicated employees create the optimal environment for delicious and quality meat products.

Please visit us at our factory showroom At MULOCK AVE. IN TORONTO to see

our great selection of over 50 different meat products.

 63 MULOCK AVE. TORONTO, ON. M6N 3C3 TEL.(416) 604 0692

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